1. Never throw your phone in the trash

Every time you throw your phone to trash you contribute to accumulate all of your elements toxic and non-biodegradable in a landfill, from where they can be washed away by the rains into the subsoil and from there to the aquifers and the sea or to pollute lakes and rivers. Who knows if they can reach the human consumption directly or by bioaccumulation in herbivorous animals, or of the upper strata of the food chain.

Remember that vegetables are potent bioacumuladores of mineral elements in the subsoil, since absorbed by the roots and have to concentrate in the leaves, which is precisely the part of the that feed on the herbivores. It is normal that in your area you have somewhere clean where you can leave the mobile to be recycled properly by the Administration. The OCU offers a search of points. It is not that we have too many guarantees that it will be properly recycled, but at least it will not go direct to landfill.

2. Contact with an NGO in recycling smartphones

There are several non-governmental organizations that will receive your mobile enchanted to disassemble it, extract the toxic parts, and also valuable, and re-enter the manufacturing cycle, so that reduction of the brutal levels of extraction current. TeloReciclo, Mobile, Recycle, or Amnesty International over its plan to recycle your mobile phone are some of them. Allow us to send the device to a postal address, and we guarantee that it will be recycled to the maximum of their possibilities.

3. Do not change your mobile to the beat of technological innovation

Don't be fooled by the last Keynote of Apple, or the previous of Samsung at the Mobile World Congress, and seeks to lengthen the maximum lifespan of your smartphone. Despite the plans result in the forced obsolescence by blow updates of iOS or Android, your phone can live but go a little slower than the neighbor's.

It is not normal that we change a device that costs us more than 300 euros, and can reach 1000 euros, every four years because we think it is out of date; it is not a fashion accessory, it is a utility. In addition, if you break the screen or stops working the camera, etc, we can take you to one of the many shops where we arranged it for an affordable price.

4. Used mobile refurbished

In the same way that you sell your mobile, you can buy another one second hand which has been properly put on paper. It is what we call a mobile phone refurbished. Its reliability is high and maximizes the useful life of the mobile phones currently in circulation. In addition you'll save a good money but do not opt to the latest novelty. MPMarket is one of the mobile shops refurbished.

5. Is pressing the European Union to require guarantees in the manufacture of the mobile

You can do this through associations such as Alboan, which makes this fight one of their main motivations, although it is not the only one. GreenPeace, AI, and many others are also involved and on their web pages you can find out how you can act. We need to get Brussels to commit more in demand in manufacturing processes, honest and to guarantee the absence of provenance of these minerals from countries in conflict such as the Congo or other.

The united states has thanks to the former president Obama the 'Wall Street Act' which imposes this warranty to appliances that are sold in the country. Now, the president, Trump has proposed to make it jump into the air and allow the technology to go back to trading with local militias in countries in conflict, not only of Africa, which financed his wars with the traffic of minerals.


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